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Health-oriented Scientific Breakthrough

A Top-notch Enterprise Specializing In Antrodia Culture And R&D

CCT Biotech is an expert in Antrodia culture and R&D, and has revolutionized the MLM approach for the industry. Since its inception in China in 2015, CCT Biotech has been extending its expertise on Antrodia culture to cultivators, helping them multiply and share their wealth and success in the fastest way possible.

CCT Biotech is headquartered on a 35-acre land that provides R&D, education, training, and group educational tours. Our biotech facility is also well-equipped with cutting-edge laboratories and hi-tech Antrodia farms.

CCT Biotech firmly adheres to the “Health Oriented Scientific Discovery” concept. Today, CCT Biotech comprises of experts in various fields – especially in biotechnology, research and Antrodia Cinnamomea fungal- related medicines. As a team, our expert group is committed towards the continuous improvement the Antrodia Cinnamomea fungal culture, R&D, and product development.

4 Major Principles

We espouse good intentions, ambitions, righteousness and accomplishment with the business philosophy of ‘We Cultivate Health, We Create Wealth, We Treasure Life’. Our mission of fuelling Antrodia R&D has given us the full responsibility of promoting public health. 

China Zhen Jun Tang Group Holdings established CCT Biotech as its Asian headquarter, the springboard for the Group to penetrate Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and so forth. Capitalizing on innovation, with the mission of creating and sharing unparalleled financial freedom, we provide customers with impeccable products and services for personal health and wellness, and a good family life. We are determined to create a world-class brand that meets the best of East and West and the world!

5 Major Missions


Sharing, prospering and achieving financial freedom together


Providing premium quality products to pamper beauty, health & wellness freedom together


Creating the world’s best Antrodia brand


Global health and wealth platform


Giving back to community and sharing economic prosperity

Creating A Brighter Future With You

Great talents have come together in CCT Biotech to expand its Antrodia business empire. Among them are the company Chairman Mr. Liu, Wei-Fu who is an accomplished and experienced businessman; Company Director Mr. Zhu Xinyong who has strong advertising acumen, and General Manager Dato’ Tan Too Hou who heads the marketing operations.  The company upholds the business philosophy of ‘We Cultivate Health, We Create Wealth, We Treasure Life’, with the sole objective of creating more fulfilling jobs and developing more quintessential products. CCT Biotech has developed a breakthrough approach by sharing our Antrodia product and services through the MLM system to reach a bigger market so that the health benefits of Antrodia can be enjoyed by more people. 

Antrodia is truly a treasure trove! We plan to share the benefits to the world together with its wealth and well-being for many.

Chairman Mr. Liu, Wei-Fu

Mr. Liu is the Chairman for both CCT Biotech and China Zhen Jun Tang Group Holdings. Growing up in a business-oriented family, he went into sales after leaving the army. He enjoyed jobs that enabled him to determine his own income, and became a millionaire at the age of 25. A few business start-ups have prompted him to embark on long-term business opportunities that would lead the market. Then, in 2014, he introduced the national treasure of Taiwan—Antrodia Cinnamomea into China, and conquered the market with the win/win ‘Rich Peasant Plan’ that involved Antrodia culture and farming. Under his able leadership, China Zhen Jun Tang Group Holdings has established sales centres and culture bases in 21 provinces throughout China in just 2 years! 

Director Mr. Zhu Xinyong

Mr. Zhu is a CCT Biotech Director and CEO of Fujian Zhen Jun Tang Biotechnology. Although a graduate in industrial and building engineering, he has strong interests in advertising. He then carved a career in the media industry, and started his first advertising studio in 1999, accumulating vast experience in marketing planning and management over his 15-year stint in the business. He, like Mr. Liu, Wei-Fu, are two like-minded talents who share the same business philosophy. They immediately forged an unbreakable bond, leading to the birth of the Antrodia business empire to contribute to public health in Taiwan and China, making it a truly compassionate enterprise that enhances both health and wealth.

General Manager Dato’ Tan Too Hou (DIMP)

Dato’ Tan is a Malaysian with over 10 years’ experience in the network marketing industry, carving a name for himself as ‘The Executor’. Over the years, he has single-handedly overcome all challenges and led his team to spectacular accomplishment. Today, Dato’ Tan has recruited over 100,000 members in just 5 years, spanning Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and more.

Strong Business Alliances Exceed Boundaries

China Zhen Jun Tang Group Holdings is the head office and business alliance of CCT Biotech. In 2015, our Company Chairman Mr. Liu, Wei-Fu introduced Antrodia, the national treasure of Taiwan, into Fujian Province, with the intention of using Xiamen as the base to promote Antrodia to China and the world. 

The operation headquarter of China Zhen Jun Tang Group Holdings was founded in HaiCang District, Xiamen. It is a one-stop centre that cultures, cultivates and produces Antrodia finished products. As at May 2017, the company has established 178 sales centres and Antrodia farms in 23 provinces all over China. 

Within 2 years, we expanded from Antrodia culturing into 4 key areas—farming, health supplement R&D, brick-and-mortar stores, and a biotechnology plant. With a registered capital of almost 200 million yuan, the company is committed to promoting health and wealth in both China and Taiwan.

Sharing Economic Prosperity For a Better Future

It all began with a dream by a visionary bio-architect to realise the value with perfect symmetry and teamwork. CCT Biotech wishes to benefit our members through a superior marketing system. We consider distributors as our business partners, with whom we shall prosper as one.
With Malaysia as our headquarter, we will be developing a few Asian markets starting 2018. By 2020, we will have established thousands of offline experiential centres as well as opening the Greater China Region, including China and Taiwan. By 2021, we will be developing the Northeast Asian market. Moving ahead, we will ride on the ‘One Belt One Road’ (OBOR) initiative to expand into ASEAN, Central Asia, West Asia and Europe. By promoting Antrodia Cinnamomea to the whole world - we envision to be the leader in global healthcare industry, and the custodian of health.