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CCT Biotech is an expert in Antrodia culture and R&D, and has revolutionized the MLM approach for the industry.

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Since its inception in China in 2015, CCT Biotech has been extending its expertise on Antrodia culture to cultivators, helping them multiply and share their wealth and success in the fastest way possible.

Deity Mushroom, A Medicinal Fungus

Antrodia Cinnamomea is known as Deity Mushroom or King of Medicinal Fungus, amongst various other names. It is essentially a species of medicinal fungus that is found only in Taiwan. It is called Yin and Yang Mushroom in local folklores. The beneficial properties of Antrodia Cinnamomea are well-known among Taiwanese aborigines, who regard wild Antrodia as an esoteric panacea because of numerous beneficial testimonials. 

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Antrodia Cinnamomea Cultivation

Culturing Antrodia by basswood alone does not guarantee successful Antrodia Cinnamomea growth. It needs to be stimulated via scientific methods, including simulating the natural environment to ensure its ideal cultivation. In addition, further process such as cutting, polishing, drying under the sun, high-pressure cooking, UV sterilization and so forth needs to be observed.


The preservation, screening and active ingredient upgrading technology of Antrodia cinnamomea


The culturing technology of Cinnamomum camphorata for the cultivation of Antrodia cinnamomea


The efficient solid-state culturing of Antrodia cinnamomea mycelium


The chemical composition detection technology and the biological activity analysis technology

Safety Profile Evaluation

To ensure products that are of the desired quality, it is imperative to apply high-end culturing, scientific R&D and production techniques throughout the entire process—from seedling collection to GMP production.

Scientific R&D and production techniques:

1. Selection and cultivation of quality seedlings

2. Good laboratory practices

3. GMP for products

Raw material collection

To ensure materials input are free from pesticides and heavy metal residues

Concentrating the extract

Hi-tech extraction technique, based on Chinese medicinal principles to solidify the bioactive ingredients

Identifying ingredients

Identify and quantify all bioactive ingredients

Analyzing the composition index

Filter and adjust the bioactive ingredients to the correct proportion, as per formula


Ensure the anticipated effects of the health food supplement.

Sharing Economic Prosperity For a Better Future

It all began with a dream by a visionary bio-architect to realise the value with perfect symmetry and teamwork. CCT Biotech wishes to benefit our members through a superior marketing system. We consider distributors as our business partners, with whom we shall prosper as one.